Brat Princess 2 - Princess Natalya - Nineteen Year Old Brat Shops while Getting Stinky Feet Worshiped

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Description: 19-year-old Natalya takes off her dirty converse and sweaty old cheer socks. She loves making her pathetic loser sniff her socks and shoes before worshipping her stinky feet. While Natalya’s loser worships her feet, Natalya shops from a catalog. She wants some new stuff for her dorm room this semester and will use her loser’s credit cards to get it. She especially wants to get some new picture frames, so that she can display some photos that she and her boyfriend took together at the state carnival over the summer. Natalya doesn’t care how much debt she racks up on her loser’s card. The things are so pretty, and Natalya wants to create the perfect little nest to share with her man. When she’s finished getting her feet worshipped, Natalya sends her loser back into her dorm room closet. She’s going out and he has to stay in there until she gets back. (8:06 long)
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