Czech Soles - Smart School Girl Wants Her Sexy Feet Worshiped

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Description: Kettu and Charlie are classmates, Kettu is very sexy girl with perfect feet, high arches and very high heels and she's also smart as well as pretty. Charlie on the other hand is not that smart...he's having troubles at school and he's not getting math at all. Fortunately Kettu is willing to help him do his homework and prepare him on the math test next Wednesday, but it's not gonna be for free. Kettu loves foot massages and when her sexy feet are being worshiped and she want's Charlie to worship her feet for her. Unless he want's to do his homework himself and fail the test on Wednesday. Charlie agrees and he starts to massage Kettu's high arched feet. He's not excited about it but Kettu really is. She's enjoying every second of it, moaning and breathing heavily. But it's not enough for her, she wants her feet worshiped - kissed, licked and her toes sucked and she wants it more and more.
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