Czech Soles - Lick Her Dirty Feet Clean

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Description: It's a nice day, very hot and Ester decided she wants to walk all over the city from work to her home. Unfortunately she's wearing her new high heels and her feet are her. She can't take it anymore and she has to take her shoes off and walk the rest barefoot. But it's still so far...her feet are getting pretty dirty, things stick to her soles and she has to stop from time to time to check her soles and get the sticky stuff off. Her feet are more and more dirty, her soft sexy soles are not made for walking barefoot like this in the city. Finally she arrives home but you surprise her: "Who are you? Aaa you're my roommates friend, right?" she asks and shows you her dirty feet. "They are so dirty. It's gross." she says but you tell her that you like it and she's now surprised even more. Than she sits down and put's her feet on the table. You're looking at her feet all the time and she notices it and asks you to join her and explain her this dirty feet fetish. One thing leads to another and after several questions from you whether you could lick her dirty feet, Ester finally agrees. They need to be cleaned anyway so why shouldn't you lick them clean, right? You're trying you best to lick her feet clean but it's hard and she starts to be a little bit mad at you for not doing a good job. Pretty soon she gets very dominant and tells you where to lick and what to do and she dominates you with her sexy dirty feet. You're helpless and in heaven at the same time and she's starting to enjoy this role as well.
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