Miss London Lix - Poppers Pindick Sissified By Feet

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Description: [Custom clip. No names are used] I'm towering above you, dangling my heels off my perfect size 7 feet. You feel utterly inferior already, but to reinforce this, I have you strip and kneel on all fours, your sissy hole already hungry and winking behind your pathetic cock & balls as I humiliate you and make you lick and devour my feet. You're completely emasculated & controlled by my soft soles, and slip even deeper when I have you inhale poppers for me. Now the real fun can begin...a gauntlet of merciless sissy hole training with your butt plugs, jerking of your tiny dick, and plenty of POV foot worship. You're humiliated, high, and incredibly horny. I make you multi-task...switching between sucking my toes, thrusting your sore asshole down onto a huge dildo, ball slapping, and huffing poppers. Your 'dick' is dripping and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you cum. Depends how badly you want it...
Models: London Lix
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