Czech Soles - Teacher-Student Foot Worship Session

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Description: It's hard to teach sexy girls with pretty and big feet which smell so nice...bu until now Charlie handled it well. He's teaching Eliška English language and she also takes some private sessions at her home with Charlie. She's wearing these long knee-high socks and she looks so innocent. While Eliška is reading another lesson, her teacher leans forward and tries to smell her feet. "What are you doing with my foot?" she asks noticing something is up. But Charlie does not admit anything. This goes several times around but then, Eliška sees it all - her teacher was smelling her feet. For sure! She confronts him and he admit to have a foot fetish. But he only likes to massage and smell feet. Nothing else. Eliška lets him massage her feet, they really need it by the way, but after some time she figures that if he don't want her to say anything, she can control him and he'll have to obey. So she makes Charlie to lick her feet and suck her toes and sometimes he's allowed to smell her feet. "That's so great! I put my foot in my teacher's mouth! Hahaha, I love this!". No need to say she really enjoys her power now. "It's gonna be so much fun to control my own teacher! :)"
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