Czech Soles - Mean Sister Smelly Punishment 2

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Description: Charlie didn't learn from last time when his sister returned from mountain hike after 14 days and he told her she smells and her feet smell the worst of all. She got mad and forced him to smell her feet and dirty socks and shoes. Today Charlie came home to watch the hockey game but his sister also returned a bit earlier from a gym and she is watching TV as well. Charlie sits next to her but immediately smells her feet. "Your feet smell horrible, sis!" he says but what he apparently forgot is how badly his sister reacts to accusations of smelly feet. She starts to foot smother him and makes him smell her socks on her feet. He's helpless since Didi is a bit of a big girl and she's stronger then him. She sits on him and he can't even move. He just have to smell her feet if he wants to breathe. Didi is having fun but Charlie is in agony - he can't even take a deep breath because Didi's feet smell so bad he could pass out. She puts both her bare feet and socks on his face and makes him smell them and he also has to say how nice her feet smell. It's a horror for him but he's at Didi's mercy now.
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