Czech Soles - Foot slave to her mean stepsister

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Description: Jack and Kettu are siblings and even though Kettu is much younger she always kicked Jack's ass and dominated over him. Now they are adults but Kettu still have the upper hand. Last month she borrowed her brother some money and Jack was supposed to return them to day at the latest. Suddenly he enters the room, looking into his new phone and Kettu asks him about it. "How come you have a new phone but you still didn't pay me back my money??" She asks Jack and he's in the corner right away. An argument goes on for a while until Kettu starts to blackmail her brother and he's helpless. She just turned him to her foot slave! He has to worship her high heels, her sweaty feet and soles and lick them clean, massage her feet and smell them and also lick the soles of her shoes. He has to take anything she gives him unless he wants to get into trouble. Kettu owns her brother's ass now! Poor loser at her feet...
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