Czech Soles - Office Double Foot Domination

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Description: Eli?ka and Ester are really mad at Jack, their colleague. Few nights ago, on a company party, he took some inappropriate photos of those two girls kissing each other, among other photos, and the idiot put it on Facebook. As soon as the girls found out, they got furious and now they came to Jack's office in the middle of the business day to confront him and make him pay. At first Jack does not know what they want, then he tries to convince them he was not the one who put in on FB, but when he's forced to crawl at the girls' feet, he admits everything. As a revenge Eli?ka and Ester, who are both wearing nice high heels for 5 hours now, they make Jack pay by dominating him using their feet and high heels. He's forced to smell their feet, clean them, kiss them and the with their shoes. He's totally helpless and humiliated and the girls are having more and more fun. They are now taking pictures of Jack at their feet, as he's licking their shoes and they threaten to publish it all unless he'll do whatever they want. And not just today, but anytime. Any time the girls want a coffee or a foot massage or a footboy to bully around, Jack has to do it. Otherwise everyone in the office will know how Eli?ka and Ester dominated and humiliated him right there in the office.
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