The Foot And Tickling Obsession - Ashey Sinclair's Foot Loving Job Interview

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Description: Ashley Sinclair has Alexis grace come into to her private home after work. Alexis is confused why she is having her final interview in her home but really needs this job. Ashley is siting on the counter still in he office attire.Ashley has Alexis sit in front of her with her foot dangling in Alexis face. Ashley lets Alexis know she is in a shoe in for the job but needs to show her servitude. Alexis really wants to do the job and lets Ashley know she will pretty much do anything. Ashely then extends her foot and tells Alexis she wants her to worship her nylon clad feet. Alexis is shocked and hesitates at first. Alexis then comes to her senses and realizes what she has to do. Alexis takes of Ashley's shoes and begins to kiss and licks Ashley's toes and soles. Ashley does not let Ashley stop until she feels her feet have been thoroughly worshiped. Finally Ashley feels Alexis has proved her self and gives Alexis the job.
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