Goddess Vera - Big Sister Makes You Eat Your Cum CEI JOI

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Description: Mom and Dad are out on a date and have left you all alone with your busty big sister, Vera. You know you are in trouble from the second they get out the door. “Hey little bro. So I think it’s time you and I talked about some stuff,” Vera says, evilly. A shiver runs down your spine. You already know what this is about. You’ve been digging through her room and she’s finally caught you. Even though you’re scared, you can’t help but admire her ample cleavage and painfully short shorts…. ”We can handle this one of two ways: either you can amuse me while Mom and Dad are gone, or I’ll tell them all about your stack of porno mags. That’s right, I found them. Christ, I can hear you jerking off through the wall! You’re not subtle. Which will it be?” You take your cock out, gulping hard. “Ha, I knew it, you little pervert. You’d rather wank off for me than give up your fap material. All right, let’s do this then. I’m going to make you jerk off right now and eat it. Yep. Every last drop. Come on, let’s go.” THIS CLIP CONTAINS: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION - JOI - CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - CUM COUNTDOWN - TABOO - BROTHER/SISTER - BIG TITS - TOPLESS - SHORT SHORTS
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