Miss Mackenzie - Far Too Cocky For Your Own Good

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Description: You are new to the company and apparently you have been going round telling all the other male members of staff how you plan to bed me. You have also told them you can get any woman you want and I will be no exception.Did it not occur to you that I may have a bit more to me, that I am not like most women, that I may just be the exception? Well I will tell you right now that you will never, ever sleep with me, and the only hope in hell's chance you have of ever even getting near me is if you submit to me and become one of my many slaves.I can tell you are desperate for me and that you will submit easily. So I shall explain to you how I will tell everyone that you are now one of my loser slaves, and I will also humiliate you in front of the whole work force every single day!
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