Princessellieidol - RICH BUT FAT WITH A TINY DICK

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Description: You've rented a suite, hoping to get laid. You're rich and women love men with money, right? I pull out an extra large condom, and tell you I'm ready to dirty up this hotel room. As you drop your pants I immediately laugh at your little pecker! I should have known it would be small. Fat guys don't have big dicks! They have itty bitty little bb dicks. It's a perfect night for some humiliation! This is perfect blackmail fodder but I'll keep my lips zipped if you start paying me your salary. I'll be your cuckysitter and powder your little peanut for you. I call my bull and tell him to come to the hotel room. You'll be sucking your thumb and 2 finger stroking tonight while I get fucked in the hotel room YOU paid for!
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