Christy Berrie - Edge of Tommorow

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Description: You love tugging, stroking, nonstop edging. You could spend hours, even days edging for me. Building up so much cum in those heavy balls. Nothing feels better than riding that edge- those final toe curling tugs right before you have to stop….just to start all over again. I want you aching for me til I allow you to finally orgasm. When will it be? The end of the clip? Will I ever give you permission to shoot your load? Squeezing your balls, rubbing the sensitive tip of your cock- almost feels too good to ever allow yourself to cum. You don’t want this feeling to stop. Maybe you’ll cum, maybe I’ll make you wait- and you’ll have to try again tomorrow- maybe edging will be your entire life.
Categories: Femdom POV
Models: Christy Berrie
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