British Brat - Giving up Control

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Description: I know your weakness, I know just how easy it is to fuck with that head. To get you to do things you never thought you would do. Like giving up control to me. My alluring beauty really fucks with your head. So, look into my eyes, grab your bottle of , follow my instructions as you listen to my slow soothing voice, fall deeper under my spell. Being my owned little bitch is what you need in life. Losing control to your Princess is your ultimate dream. So far, you haven’t been able to take that step further, fully submit and surrender but that is ALL going to change. You have served me online, even completed some humiliating tasks but You are here today and there is no turning back. I have broken you down, played with that mind and you are under my powers now. You can’t peel your eyes from my hot little body as I seductively extract all the information needed to keep you completely under my powers. I will lure you in, telling you just what to do step by step. Before you have had to time to think straight all your personal information will be in my hands. You will feel horny, anxious and good. You need to abide by my rules though loser! So listen carefully and follow my instructions. So get that bottle and inhale on my command puppet.
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