Lady Mesmeratrix - Mesmerized and Defrauded

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Description: Mr. Robins, a widowed old man, welcomes in his house a woman who just knocked at his door. She says she owns a benefic association, created to help ill people, starving c h ildren and so on. She starts talking to him, explaining her association’s plans and showing sad feelings about Mr. Robin’s loss, insisting on the fact he’s alone now, and helping unlucky people would be a good way to feel better. She slowly starts to manipulate his mind, telling him what he needs to hear, pretending to be intersted in his well-being and showing her large breast covered by a tiny corset. She tells him he is absolutely NOT FORCED to help the association, and she repeats it and repeats until he becomes dizzy and sleepy. She induces more sleep in him, saying that summer warm makes people sleep. When the poor Mr. Robins is finally numb, she says she needs his bank account number and infos, building a big lie to legitimate the request. Mr. Robins is confused and dizzy, lucidity is gone and he believes the lie. After that, she asks for his credit card number, telling another lie, making manupulative promises. Mr. Robins is no longer able to think with his own brain: totally under the control of his cheater. When she realizes that her victim is mesmerized, she asks for cash, then she induces an amnesia in Mr. Robins: after her snap, he gets asleep and when he wakes up he doesn’t have to remember anything. She never existed. SNAP.
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