Goddess Alexandra Snow - A Night At the Ex's

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Description: It was so lovely of you to accept my parents invitation for a holiday dinner! I know that we've been divorced a while but they couldn't stand the idea of you being alone. It looks like we'll be spending the night. Oh don't worry, they went to bed already. It's just us. Tell me.. have you been seeing anyone? No? I know why, it's because you never really got over me. You haven't had sex with anyone else? That's what I thought. I am the last woman you'll ever love, aren't I? I can see that your cock is hard in your pants right now as it remembers me. It's OK, you could take it out and stroke it a little for me. It's a special occasion after all. We both know that I'll never come back to you, but you'll never get me out of your mind.
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