Cutie Kayla’s Clip Store – Anatomy Lesson!

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Description: *A lightly taboo teacher/student role play clip that features a "sexy secretary" outfit, glasses, stockings, heels, a tiny bikini, and use of oil! Specific POV shots as I focus on my ass and boobs. Strip teasing and clothing destruction.* I spot your notebook right before the bell rings to signal the end of class. Squinting at your horrible handwriting, I soon decipher that you have indeed written out what I thought you did. A scribbled mess stating that "school sucks", accompanied by a rude sketch, that I can only assume is supposed to represent me, and the declaration that "Miss Kayla is boring!". Is that so!? Well, then you will be staying after class with me instead of rushing off to your college parties that you care so much about. Judging by the drawing you made of me, you obviously need a personal anatomy lesson! You seem to think that because I am a professor, I most definitely have small tits, a nonexistent ass, and a giant bush between my thighs! Let me set the record straight for you and prove to you that my body is the exact opposite of your little drawing and that the last thing I am is boring! Prove to your teacher that your not just another college student that is all talk and no balls. Get your cock out right here, right now, and jerk off while I tease you and give you a lesson about my body.
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