Natashas Bedroom – I Fucked Mommy Today

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Description: You and I have always been so close, my darling little son, and I know that we can talk to each other about anything. So Im going to ask you a very, very personal question: are you still a virgin? I had a feeling you were! Oh, dont be shy, plenty of boys your age havent had sex yet. Lucky for you, you have a good mother to teach you all about how to please your cock, and how to please a woman with that big, fat, hard thing, too, of course. Its been a while since we had the talk, but I think its time to continue that lesson Your final sex education lesson from your mom will be less about talking and more about, well, fucking. See, its my job to nurture my little son - emotionally, physically, and most importantly, sexually. Im going to make sure that your first time will be extra special. Lets take it slow, babyyyy. Slide your sweet, warm cock right into my tight pussy, and Ill show you how its done...
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