Penny The Nymphette – Stepmum Needs Your Cum

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Description: You and your stepmother have never been terribly close. She's only a few years older than you and although you think she's sexy the two of you barely speak. So when she calls you into her room one night while your father is away you get a little excited.. She asks, can you keep a secret? She tells you your father can't have and has given her money for IVF treatment.She has other plans for the money.She shows her her breasts. She says she wants to fuck you,she wants your seed.She wants YOU to get her pregnant, her own stepson. You can't deny your growing erection. She explains she wants to use her hands on you first to calm your nerves, she keeps saying the dirtiest things. She wants you to "pump her full of cum". You can't believe your own stepmother talking like this. You keep telling her your darkest secrets. What happens next is better than your wettest dream. Contains:*Mother/Son**Impregnation Fantasy**Dirty Talk**Ejaculation Encouragement**Virtual Sex* *POV**Much more*
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