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Description: This video contains scenes of much humiliation where the slave was punished and humiliated for not having cleaned right of the bathroom of its owner. The mop was filthy with a lot of dirt from the floor and the slave was forced to lick the mop, then Mistress Beh decides to make things worse for the slave, she dives into the dirty toilet and rubs on the slave's face the filthy mop with water from the toilet Black of filth, the slave still on top had to drink water from the toilet directly in the mop, much dirt the slave swallowed was cruelly humiliated, this scene is repeated several times, then Mistress Beh orders the slave to lick all the floor of the bathroom she still Spits on the ground for slave licking and also orders the slave to lick the toilet and then she puts the slave's face inside the toilet and makes her lick the water in the bottom then pulls the discharge and a bath in the dirty water slave . Strong scenes of much humiliation.
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