Worship Jasmine - A Loser's Valentine

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Description: So that dreaded day, February the 14th has arrived and it's yet another year you are alone. Are you surprised? Did you think some crazy, stupid women would want to spend any time with you? Surely not, you know your Valentines Day is spent working me of course. You wouldn't want to be spending your Valentines Day any other way than worshiping and spending on me. Another day to praise my existence and to be reminded of your place, to know that my Valentines Day will be full of love, presents, fine dining, champagne and lots of sex only reiterates your life as a loser. You will pay for my date, you will listen to the filthy details and you will ensure I am dressed in the best lingerie. Your evening will be spent indoors spending on me. I want you to watch a clip an hour and dream of all the fun I will be having. You will edge yourself and you will not cum. Happy Valentines Day suckers.
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