Miss Mackenzie - You Have Fallen Right into My Honey Trap You Pathetic Loser

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Description: I saw you in the bar tonight and invited you back to my home. You clearly think you are some kind of stud and your luck is in. So I ask you to describe all the things you want to do to me then tell you to drop your trousers! Oh dear, is that all you have! That is amusing! Well I think now is the time to tell you that you do not stand a hope in hell of getting anywhere near me! This whole thing is a honey trap set up by your wife! She had her suspicions you were a cheat and it turns out that she is right. What you don't know is the room is rigged up with cameras, so everything you have just said is caught on film! So now your wife can divorce you and final be rid of you and your cheating ways, oh and your tiny dick! Make no mistake, she will be taking you to the cleaners, and I will be getting a hefty chuck of that money too! Now pull your trousers up you pathetic excuse of a man!
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