Goddess Alexis Grace - Jerk It To Alexis Grace Stinky Socked Feet

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Description: Alexis Grace is wearing her sexvy tube socks she has been in them all day. She knows how much you love her stinky socked feet so today you get to pull out your cock and jerk off to them. Alexis teases you first with her socks and hold them real close to your face so you can smell her sweaty socks.. She wiggles and spreads her toes and you cann see them perfectly through her sheer tube socks. Alexis peels off each sock and throws them and you for you to sniff them while she soves her bare feet in your face now. Alexis wiggles and spreads her toes... and makes them wrinkle up real right so you can see every wrinkle while she instructs you to jerk off to her big sexy size 10ns!
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