Candid Stinky Soles - Super Stinky Size 12 Mermaid Soles !!!

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Description: WOW!!! 6'3 college volleyball star with HUGE SIZE 12 PUTRID SOLES!!! Linsay is a SEXY mermaid like model/athlete who has never cared to try to suppress her EXTREMELY STINKY FEET...she has ALWAYS had feet that STINK WORSE than her 3 brothers!!! She actually takes PRIDE in the POWER of her HOT STENCH!!! She LOVES to take off her shoes and clear the room intentionally!!! WOW!!! She NEVER wears socks and always RUINS shoes within a month!!! She keeps wearing them after that because she likes to SATURATE them so bad with her STINK and sweat until they get holes in the bottom!!! WOW!!! Today she wore her ATROCIOUS WORKOUT SNEAKERS for 8 hours to her day job without socks...the STENCH IS OVERPOWERING!!! There is NOTHING you can do with this girl's feet are in your face!!! SOME OF THE STINKIEST FEET EVER!!!
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