Worship Jasmine - Jasmine Jones, Danielle Maye - Eased Into Cum Eating

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Description: You can't control yourself when you are knelt in front of myself and Princess Danielle. Two young hot British Princess' you just crumble trying ever so hard to hide that pathetic excuse of a boner. You have always wanted to serve us, entertain us all whilst degrading your sorry little self. Eating your own CUM is something you have thought about but haven't tried it yet. So today is the day. Myself and the leggy Princess Danielle ease you into eating your own cum. Teasing you with our pert round huge breasts and long shapely powerful legs you are instantly sent to sub heaven. Wanting to entertain us, knowing that you do not deserve to cum like a real man. You deserve to cum and drink. Unzip, get that shot glass ready. We are going to count you down from 10 and watch you back your creamy cum LOSER!
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