Jerk4PrincessUK - Bonnie - Breath Deep Stroke and Surrender To Goddess Addiction Trance

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Description: Beauty is your weakness. A woman's alluring gaze and soft words are all it takes to captivate your thoughts and render you weak and suggestible. Goddess Bonnie will take you deep under into a trance that will make you addicted to her worship, flushed with feelings of love and euphoria at the sight of her radiant face. Every detail will consume you as her voice echoes in your head - her moist lips parting, cascading jet-black hair, her big deep dark eyes pulling you down. Repeated guided inhales fill you with her sweet intoxicating breath and melt you into a dream state, overwhelmed by images of her perfect face and body, jerking your dick in worship as her mantra "stroke" is whispered in your ears over and over. Deeper down, her words make you a willing slave lost in erotic pleasure. You will cum and in that moment Goddess Bonnie will claim you forever. Goddess Bonnie hypnotizes you to become addicted to worshiping her face and body. She counts you down into trance and gets to take deep breaths to deepen your trance before giving you jerk off instructions. She is wearing a black dress in this clip.
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