ClubStiletto – I know You live For My Ass

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Description: In this hot POV scene, you are the slave at the end of Princess Mia's leash. As she leads you into the room she tells you it's your lucky day and you get to cum. As you look up at her magnificent ass you are probably already only a stroke or two away from shooting your load. She kneels on the couch and moves up and down bringing her magnificent ass to your face. "You don't cum until I tell you to cum", she reminds you. Stroke with care. Killer angles with well lit scenes as she sits down right on your face and you see her ass in all it's glory. Truly an ass that is as fantastic as any you would find anywhere, what an honor to be to so close to it. She slaps her butt cheeks and spreads them to torment you even more. She wants you so addicted to her ass that it will be your only purpose in life. "Would you like to stick your tongue right up my ass?", she asks you. Men, slaves, even women want her ass she tells you. She encourages you to stroke and then mocks you at it's lack of size. "You could never please a woman with that", she says, "but you don't care, you have my ass to worship and that gives your life meaning". As she wiggles her ass and moves it closer to your face she tells you to sniff her ass and encourages you to keep stroking but not to get to close. Don't risk pissing your Goddess off, you cum only on her command. Now you are only a minute from coming and Mia lays on her back and pulls her cheeks wide apart so you can see the corners of her asshole peaking from the fabric of her panties. Mia begins a 10 second countdown, time it correctly because if you get it just right she might allow you to do it again next month.
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