Princessellieidol - MY NEW TRAINER MANDY

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Description: Mandy and I have a little arm wrestling match. I'm impressed by Mandy's big muscles but I feel like maybe they're all for show. Boy am I wrong! I give it everything I've got and she still overpowers me so easily! I'm so envious of her beautiful, big muscles! She offers to train me. Happily, I accept! She shows me different ways to work out my biceps. I feel like I'm getting stronger already! Mandy shows off all her muscles, giving me motivation to get stronger. After a bit of this, you walk in asking what we are doing. We tease you a bit for looking scrawny and weak. Mandy can easily take you and soon I'll be able to as well! We laugh and flex our biceps before Mandy knocks you with her powerful fists!
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