Succubus Cuckolds You with the Devil

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Description: “It was you. You did this to me! And now just look at me, your beautiful wife.. with horns and h..h..he left his mark on me.. On my beautiful breasts!” “Why, honey? Why did you do it, you pathetic, selfish, piece-of-shit husband; huh? What kind of pact did u make with him? Did he offer to help further your career? Was that it? You are guaranteed a promotion, more money, fame and notoriety than you can dream of? You`re such an asshole. You sold me and pussy to the devil for your own personal gain!!?!?” I take a few deep breaths n steady my new body. It feels rather good actually. I feel good. I can still feel a pulsing between my legs where he spent his demon cum. It tingled. I tingled. I guess this might not be such a bad thing after all. Maybe I should even be thanking my piece-of-shit husband. Last night was the best sex of my life. The dark master showed me a vigorous appreciation for my body like nothing I have ever experienced. Hmmm.. and I could get this all the time whenever I summon him. Plus, my husband’s coming into some money soon. Maybe the horns aren’t so bad. “Honey, I forgive you. No, I am not going to divorce you. I am going to cuckold you, spend your money, put u in chastity and get my brains fucked out every night by the devil.”
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