Dominatrixannabelle - Valentine Pleasures!

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Description: My rather lovely visitor came bearing gifts, with a stunning bouquet of velvet red roses, and a bottle of vintage red wine. How could one resist spending a wonderful afternoon, within the company of a young thrusting stud! An afternoon of Valentine Pleasures, and I must say, my visitor could hardly contain himself, when I began to tease him with my succulent breasts, leading on to a most erotic strip-tease! It's a very good job, his penis remained caged, otherwise he would have spilled before I had the chance to slip off my figure hugging pencil skirt. Oh WOW, how I love to tease! As I retrieved my ever so faithful 'life like' dildo, well the size alone nearly had my stud's penis burst! Ha, he loves to compare his penis with another. Oh he is big, and he wants to remain having the biggest penis, but alas, there are times when he just has to realise he cannot be number one all the time! This movie is just under 17 minutes long, so do make sure you are alone, and plug your ears in. If you have a bottle of liquid silk to hand, use it, as my strip-tease will have you feeling incredibly horny, and I wouldn't want you to experience premature ejaculation! Oh dear, that would do at all.
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