Princessellieidol - VEGAS TRIP HUMILIATION

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Description: I'm exhausted from all the fun I've had here in Vegas! Swimming, hookah bars, dining, drinking expensive wines.... What have you been doing, hm? Nothing at all? Except watching humiliation porno! Is that what your life IS? My life is so interesting, while yours is dull! You're all alone jerking off!! After all it's all you seem to think about. You work all day and if you're lucky, at the end of the day you get to jerk off. Boring and pathetic! You're sad. I'm not EVEN NAKED. You can't even jerk off to real porn like a real man. You're so pathetic! It's funny really, I've probably had sex more times on my vacation than you have in your entire life. I'll continue to drain you and humiliate you, and you'll take it because you're just a sexless loser with no life! WORSHIP, PAY, and STROKE to a Goddess who lives the life you dream of but will never have!!
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