IWorshipAmanda - Never the Real Man, Always the Cuck

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Description: ou just don’t have the “it” factor, do you? You are and always will be just a cucky for me. I get lots of attention every single time I step out of the house and we both know it. It doesn’t matter where we are I could get any man I want. Although, I have never actually had to seek out a real man. They just flock to me. It’s your lot in life to be a cuckold to a beautiful woman like me, to serve an alpha couple. I think it’s time you accepted how you will be a cuck for the rest of your life and started to serve a real couple. I’ve used men like you before and it’s all too easy. I want to start using you to pay for my romantic dinners and spa getaways. It’s going to be so much fun making you our cuckold.
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