Miss Mackenzie - Taxing My Perverted Loser Boss

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Description: I have had enough of your leering. You are just a pathetic, desperate pervert and you think you can perv over me as much as you like without consequence. Well, you trying to touch my ass the other day was the final straw. I will be getting you done for sexual harassment... unless you agree to a new tax I have decided on to punish you for your disgusting behaviour.Every time you perv on me you will have to pay an expensive tax. Even looking me in the eye will cost you, meaning you will either look at the floor or pay! What will all the other staff think when they see that you cannot even look me in the eyes!? They will realise you are a pathetic loser who is beneath me.I know you will bend to my will, mainly because I know you are a secret sub who needs taking in hand, but also because you cannot risk being on a sexual harassment charge. I also know you wont be able to stop perving very easily so this could prove very lucrative for me! Not to mention the amount of satisfaction I will get from humiliating you!
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