Kelle Martina – Sex and Smoke

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Description: The idea is you enter the room in a slinky black dress, light a cigarette and quickly strip down. You tell me you know I am married, but you don’t care. I mildly object, but you easily seduce me. You ride me while smoking, ashing in my mouth as you go. I want there to be a black widow aspect of it, I want you to tell me you are only fucking me so I will get caught cheating. As the clip goes on, please tell me that my wife will smell the smoke, know I was cheating. At the end of the clip, make me eat your cigarette butt, then tell me to be a good boy and cum. Once I do, tell me you are going to ruin my life, laugh, and fade out. I would want peak cruelty in the clip.
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Models: Kelle Martina
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