British Brat - Little Black Dick

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Description: Elle has bought you back home from the club this evening back to hers for some naughty fun. She begins to tell you that all her girlfriends have told her that black guys really do have bigger cocks than the white guys she previously been with. Being her first black guy she really is intrigued as to what lays underneath those trousers and encourages you to take them off. As you drop your trousers she is shocked, gobsmacked at your manhood. Completely dumbfounded as to why you really lack in that department. She really did think she was in luck but in fact your dick is the TINIEST dick Elle has ever seen. ‘I’m not letting that thing near me and its definitely not fucking me’. She is so annoyed that she went home with you believing that all black guys had big dicks and she’s now left with this tiny little dicklette. Laughing in sheer frustration as what she thought a night of passion lay ahead is completely out of the window. Her fantasy of dating a big dicked black guy is well and truly RUINED.
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