British Brat - Jess’ Stinky Uggs

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Description: Princess jess has on her favourite pair of Uggs to wear. They are so soft and supple and cling to her shapely legs so well. She knows just how weak you become when you get a glimpse of just how well-worn they are. Can you imagine how much they stink? How deeply they smell of her perfect foot aroma? Wearing them without socks as always Princess Jess teases you with the boots. You’re like a little a little puppy to a treat. These boots, on her superior feet deserved to be worshiped. Every single inch. Jess instructs you on how to put your tongue and mouth to good use. Showering these boots with kisses like the good little Ugg addict that you are. No doubt getting extremely hot and horny being allowed to be so close and worship such beauty. So get to work boot addict, do a good job! Get your nose embedded deep into that stinky Ugg.
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