Goddess Isabel - You’re So Low, Beneath The Soles Of My Feet, Slapping Your Balls

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Description: I know that you cannot resist my perfection. Look at me, I am your superior Goddess. I’m so sexy. I’m too much for you loser. Look at my middle finger. This is what you deserve loser, just my middle finger. And you should be honored to receive my middle finger, you pathetic, insignificant loser. Now get down on your knees and look at my feet. I know that you can’t resist my feet loser. I want you to start stroking your ridiculous cock while you’re watching my superior feet. You should feel honored that I’m allowing you to be on your knees stroking your cock to my feet. Now I want you to punch your balls for my feet. Show me that you are a good and obedient boy for me. Keep stroking while you slap your pathetic and insignificant balls. You’re a fucking disgusting pervert and you deserve this, don’t you? I know who you are, I know what you are, I know you better than anyone else. You are a pathetic pet under my superior control, you fucking loser. You’re just a pet. You have finally found a Goddess, you have found the light, you have found a reason to live. Without me your life would have no purpose. Worship your perfect Goddess loser. You need to obey me, you need to worship me because each time you do, it takes you deeper, it shows that you know your place. You need what I do to you so badly. Now slap those balls again. Learn your place. I wanna see you suffer. The pain will bring us closer. Your pain is my pleasure. You are so fucked. Now look at my feet again. You can’t resist my feet. Staring at my soles gives your life purpose. You are so low, so beneath me. So low that you are beneath the soles of my feet slapping your balls. That is how low you are. That is where you belong. This is what you deserve. You need to know how low you are. Slap your balls while you stare up at the soles of my feet. You don’t even deserve my feet, you only deserve to suffer.
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