Madam Violet - Siren Last Breath

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Description: PART 3- Use Headphones It’s the final night - it’s YOUR final night, consequences be dammed, all you can think about is SLIDING back down into Her DEEP, dark, still wetness once again. She appears before you, glorious in Her nudity, this time She wants there to be nothing between you. This time, once you’ve dived down and down, you will be so DEEP so LOST in lust that you will never find your way back again. She rides your quivering body, She fucks your gaping mind, She INHALES your vital life force and you feel yourself getting weaker for HER, HARDER for HER. Her beauty makes you want to cry, Her soft yielding yet powerful body makes you want to give HER everything, ALL of you, every last DROP. When She’s not fucking you, She makes you STROKE for Her telling you that SHE is all you need, that this BLISS is all you want, you follow the pleasure DOWN and down, losing more of yourself to HER depths…Softly, incessantly She overtakes you…claiming you fully as Her own. Building your cock, your mind, your heart into a convulsing pleasure saturated delirium there’s only one ending possible, as She brings you to a shuddering orgasm, SNAPPING Her fingers, whispering in your ears, licking Her fingers….you CUM….and then you go…Her perfect face the last thing you see… (Watch all three back to back and see if your brains don't cum out your dick)
Models: Madam Violet
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