Mandy Flores - Brother Becomes Sex Slave To Giantess Sister

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Description: Ive found my brother shrunk in my room (POV) Im a sort of a gentle-evil giantess. I dont intend to him, I care for my brother, I want to keep him safe. But, I am prepared to humiliate and tease and do with him as I like. Hes so small so since hes helpless Im going to keep him and use him as my toy whenever I like. He cant ever be allowed to be normal size again or hell tell on me. His life will literally be to be my plaything like the rest. I will keep him alive but he will live in my pussy. That's the only way I can hide him from our parents and I know he wont escape. Hell have to fight to avoid being and hell be used against his will to make me cum while being kept safe in my panties. He will spend the rest of days in my panties, pressed in my cum soaked panties in constant fear of my pussy and one day being swallowed up and never seen again. I enjoy his fear as I make watch me swallow mouthfuls of my tiny imprisoned people. Crushing some between tits and stuffing them in my pussy showing off my stuffed pussy talking about the people inside. I mock them and him and pride about my size and how no one will ever find out. This is his life now, as my little sex slave toy. INCLUDES: GIANTESS SISTERS TABOO SEX SLAVERY VORE PUSSY CONTROL BRAT GIRLS MINDFUCK PUSSY CONTROL SCHOOLGIRLS FANTASY ROLEPLAY
Categories: TABOO
Models: Mandy Flores
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