Princess Pilar - Pretty Pink Popper Pleasure

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Description: Pleasure Pleaser… I have something that you want. You’ve been asking Me for it, and you only want Me to administer it to you, because I do it just right. Follow My rules, and I will give you an experience that you’ll never forget. I think you deserve some popper pleasure, allow Me to instruct you while I make you want to fuck everything with your hard-on. What’s more? If you last to the ending and eat your cum for Me, I will help you with that too; I love to instruct you, do you like how I lick it? Now, you try. So delicious. Let’s get naughty with some kinky poppers, let’s see how well you last for Me, if you last until the end of the countdown, I will demonstrate how I want to you to eat your cum, simulated on a strawberry. Enjoy -Princess Pilar xo
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