Miss Mackenzie - Taking Over Your Finances

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Description: So I've heard youre looking for a Mistress. I've heard that you are so weak and pathetic that you are unable to look after yourself and your own finances. So you've come to me, to give me full control.Well I hope you understand what this means... It means that you are going to submit everything to me and I will take full control of your finances and decide exactly what you can have and when you can have it.This is not a game, this is not role play, and this is not just another clip. Like several other lost souls from whom I seized their assets, you will sign everything over to me. With a background as a trained accountant and a passion for finances, I will take great pleasure in adding another account to my portfolio.I will control every tiny detail of your finances. Controlling what you eat, limiting your budget to the smallest possible amount and ensuring that you very soon become accustomed to your new life of thrift and sacrifice.And you will love me for it. You will feel so much relief in admitting who you are and a huge sense of release, by handing everything over to your new Superior. CS0003
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