British Bratz - Sammi Tye - Sign over to Secretary Sammi

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Description: You have slaved over your computer to bring your business to the stage it is now. A successful company and of course you gained the respect from others for your hard work. Your business is your everything, nothing could ever come between that and so, this is what you thought... Sammi has been working for you for only a short while but you have noticed that she has a dominant streak, knowing just how to get what she wants. You have just thought until now that she is a 'no nonsense' hard work but as she strolls into your office this morning the look on her face is slightly odd. More of a mean look, but as she is extremely beautiful your eyes wondered straight to her cleavage and long legs. She is here, in your office for one thing and one thing ONLY. In your office, Sammi confidently sits her cute ass on your sofa before arrogantly telling you she knows ALL about your secret. She tells you how she knows EVERYTHING. Working late has proven to be very rewarding for her. Leaving your PC without a password wasn't such a good idea on your part. "What would your wife say? Even your employees? They would be shocked, disgusted. They wouldn't respect you as the boss!" I could keep it a secret but only if you sign over to me and then become my Office Junior. Doing menial, degrading tasks as I sit in here with my feet up enjoying the high life. There is simply nothing you can do, you can't face your family leaving your side or the embarrassment of your secret getting out. You have no choice but to sign over to your secretary Sammi and become the Office Junior.
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