Worship Jasmine, Princess Samantha – An Orgasmic Dinner

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Description: Myself and Princess Samantha have the best idea for a nice, humiliating orgasmic dinner just for u. You have always dreamt of dining in the company of a hot Goddess, well now you have two and you’re going to do exactly as we say. How can you resist two of the hottest British Dommes tempting u down the road of self degradation. We don’t care if u haven’t ate your cum before, we don’t care if you’re scared you WILL eat it. To be permitted to stroke in our presence it comes with a consequence. You’ll cum on a plate and lick it clean 4 our amusement. You won’t try to fight it, you’ll willingly do as as we demand. As we tease, taunt and ridicule you 4 being such a weak, helpless mess in our presence. Come on loser, eat your dinner, lick it all up & let it trickle down the back of your neck. You are disgusting.
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