Goddess Lanie - Sister Sleepover

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Description: You're trying to fall asleep when your sister comes in to the bedroom. Her and her husband are visiting you and your wife, although, you thought everyone was asleep already. Your wife fell asleep on the couch in the living room and your brother in law is downstairs where they sleep when they visit. Your sister seems to be Tipsy and still holding her drink. She brings up the last time she was Tipsy and you both had sex. It was a mistake, how could you fuck your sister?! "It was so amazing! And I can't stop thinking about it! My husband fell asleep and I'm SO horny. I want you again. I know it's wrong because you're my brother, but I don't care. We just won't tell anyone". She pulls your dick out as she's talking and teasing. She begins to stroke your dick and soon she's riding you. You're not going to stop her but you MUST be quiet. There's NO way you can be caught by your partners. She turns around and does reverse cowgirl a little. She talks about how much better she is at sex than your wife. She really does please you better than your wife. "Don't cum yet please, let's cum together!' She begs as she rides you more and more. It's so hot to be fucking your sister right now, you almost can't help but to cum. "Oh cum inside of me please!" You're caught in the moment and soon you're releasing your load into your sisters waiting pussy. She holds it inside and says she's going to her husband now with your cum inside of her. Wow, what a night!
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