Worship Jasmine - Dr.u..g.g.3.d and Milked

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Description: Please could u make a video where I wake up naked, arms, legs and body completely strapped down into a milking machine. You describe how we met last night & dr.u..g…g.ed my drink as I tried to chat you up at a club. You laugh that I thought I stood a chance with you and that from now on the only sex I will get will be from a machine. You turn it on & start mocking me, I cum soon. You laugh at my situation, “Oh you thought it was over, we’ve only just begun Ed”. You smile and lick your lips as you turn the machine up higher. More mocking, humiliation, ass teasing, I cum again. I beg you to stop but it just makes you cruely turn it up even further, u gag me to shut me up. My eyes start to well up and u jump on this immediately “aww does the baby want to cry”. You come closer to the camera & turn the remote on the machine up to max. Laughing at how fucked & helpless I am. Tell me that I am your slave and you’ll keep me here for the rest of my life. Maybe at some point you’ll turn it off & give me a break.. But not now. . Now It’s just gonna keep sucking and sucking away at me and theres nothing I can do. You bite your lip, “dont try 2 fight it edward, just give in”. Stare down to the machine then back into camera “see you in the morning slave” you walk away laughing.
Categories: Femdom Tease and Denial
Models: Goddess Jasmine
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