Kimber Lee - Taboo sex simulation blackmail

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Description: I got this interesting custom clip request. Now I usually don’t do Taboo clips, but with the additional $600 tip he sent, it was hard to refuse lol. You come home from school & see me laying on my stomach. My skirt is up just a little too high before I notice you’re there. I fix my skirt and ask about your day. I send you to your room to finish your homework when I get a knock at the door. Ugh what are u doing here you know you can’t be here during the day! We could get caught. My husband might find out and my son might hear you! Ok come in, but u have to be quick! I fuck the next door neighbor, not knowing my son was watching me. After my guest leaves, you come into my room and ask to sleep with me, Of course sweetie! Next thing I know, your planning to blackmail your own mother. If I have sex with you, you promise not to tell your father I fucked the neighbor?!
Models: Kimber Lee
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