Princess Lexie in Seductive Fingers

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Description: This is similar 2 one of My most popular clips ever, “Lexie IS your type.” I spend the majority of the clip mesmerizing you with my gaze while licking & sucking on my fingers; I know how much this turns u on. And I know how much you want to cum for Me. And guess what? You are going 2 cum for Me today. But there’s a twist: I am best friends with your girlfriend and I want her 2 ride your cock while I am teasing you with My tongue and My fingers. So when I finally count you down 2 cum, I want u to cum inside of her! This will have such a powerful effect on u that every time you fuck her, you’ll only be thinking about Me; My powerful gaze, My sexy fingers and tongue. You are fucked for life.
Models: Princess Lexie
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