Humiliation POV - Miss Honey Barefeet - Worship My Heels Or You’re Fired

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Description: We need to talk about something serious with your behavior at the office. I’ve been getting complaints that you’re disturbing female coworkers in our company. It seems you stare at their legs and feet in an inappropriate manner. What do you have to say about that? You see I can’t have any sexual harassment complaints in my company so we have two options. Either I’m going to fire you, or you need to be punished. Oh you don’t want to get fired? Well then for a punishment we need to see how far you can go with that disturbing fetish of yours. I want you to tell me all about it and tell me why female legs and feet and heels attract you. I want you to get down on the floor in front of me and I want you to worship my legs. Yes I’m serious. Worship my heels and my feet. You want to save your job, don’t you? Worship my feet on your knees or get fired, it’s that simple. See this is your place, on your knees before me. It just feels right, doesn’t it? I can tell by the way you’re staring that you love my high heel office pumps. You can’t take your eyes off of them, I can see they’re turning you on. I know you get a little hard on in your pants every time you stare at one of your female coworkers legs and feet and heels. I know that right now you’re desperate to touch my pumps. You want it, I know it, show me how much you worship my office pumps. And you better do a good job if you want to save your job. Go on, touch them, smell them, I’ll even let you lick them. Yes, I know you love this. It’s going to be so easy to keep you under control once I have you beneath my heels. I know my heel dangle drives you crazy. I see how you can’t take your eyes off of my heels as I dangle them from my toes in front of your face. And I know you want to be stroking your cock as you stare from below at my heels, don’t you? It’s ok, go on, admit it. I can see the bulge growing. Open your pants and pull your cock out. You can’t say no. If you refuse, you’re fired, you can get up and leave. Good boy, pull your cock out and show me how you’re going to stroke it for my feet and heels. Look how hard you are, I can see you’re really excited about stroking your cock for your boss’s feet. Look at my feet in my sheer pantyhose, I know you like that too. You’re so easy to manipulate. Worship my feet while you jerk down there. Rub them, kiss them, smell them. In order to cure your addiction and make sure you don’t bother your coworkers any more, you’re going to need to come here every day to worship my feet and heels, do you understand? I want you stroking your cock every day to my heels, I want you to feel shame and embarrassment so you’ll never again bother any female working in our office. You’ve got such a strong and serious addiction to feet and heels and this is how I’m going to keep you in line and make you a more productive employee. Lucky for you I’ve got so many pairs of pumps for you to worship. You’re so weak, look at you on your knees stroking so hard for my feet and heels. Maybe you should suck on my heels while you jerk. Suck it. Suck and stroke. That’s it. I know you’re loving licking your boss’s heels. You’re getting so addicted and so weak. It’s so easy to manipulate your mind. You’re mine now, I totally own you. Your career now belongs to me.
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