JerkyGirls presents Logan Sinns in Prolonged Edging

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Description: There is cock teasing….and then there is….COCK TEASING!!! Little Logan Sinns carries out the ultimate Cock Teasing ever performed!!! With a boy tied down, and at Her mercy Logan Teases and Torments this boy until he wants to cry!!! Logan keeps him on the Edge of ejaculation for what seems like an eternity. She leaves him dangling and throbbing on the edge, while She casually brushes Her hair and orders him to make his cock dance for Her. Twice he looks like he has gone past the point of no return…but Logan covers his p-hole with Her finger and prevents the cum from coming out! At one point, Logan performs a series of fast Jerks-Hand withdrawal….that drives him absolutely insane…and She asks him “Am I annoying you????”. When the Edging has gone on almost 16 minutes….Logan decides to empty his sore balls….and does She ever empty them!! This ejaculation goes on and on for almost 15 seconds!!! Cumblast after Cumblast after Cumblast!!! This is the scene that will set the standard in Prolonged Edging for years to come!!!!
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